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Summiya Abdul-Quddus

Literacy Coordinator


Reading Coach

"Culture of Reading" Initiative, New Brunswick, NJ

A literacy coordinator/reading coach is an educator with knowledge of reading instruction and preferably second language acquisition.

Assess Literacy Skills

  • The GLP literacy coordinator/reading coach will liaise with teachers to determine student reading levels and specific areas of difficulty that the Global Literacy Project, Inc. reading enrichment program should target. As a coach, they will also meet with small groups of students to practice reading skills and provide periodic progress reports on student development.

Supporting Teachers

  • The literacy coordinator/reading coach will be up-to-date with current research and theories regarding literacy instruction. They may demonstrate new instructional strategies, so that other instructors/teachrs will have more resources and techniques in the classroom.

Recruit and Manage Volunteers

  • The literacy coordinator/reading coach will assist in recruiting, training, and managing volunteer tutors who work one-on-one or with small groups of students. Coordinators provide on-going support to tutors so they too can refine their skills.

Support Early Literacy Development

  • If the program is for young children, the literacy coordinator/reading coach may provide parents with information and resources to help their children begin developing pre-reading skills such as concepts of print and phonological awareness. If the program is for adults, the literacy coordinator/reading coach can encourage students who have young children or grandchildren to apply their learning to help these children develop literacy skills from the earliest ages.

Campus & Community Liason

  • Supervise student volunteers in the program with respect to volunteer activities in New Brunswick and outreach to the participating elementary to high schools.
  • Conduct formal and informal trainings for student volunteers
  • Maintain regular contact with faculty, staff, and students on campus  
  • Create materials, such as handouts, and other props that facilitate engagement between readers and students.
  • Develop/compile and distribute various resource lists and literacy information as needed to volunteer readers and the directors and teachers of the partnering reading sites.


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