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A Clear Message from Recipients as GLP Celebrates 10 Years: "Keep Doing What You are Doing!"

The Global Literacy Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on literacy, gender equality in education, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. To celebrate 10 years of service to those hungry for the competence of literacy in Africa, (South) Asia, the Caribbean and the USA, key volunteers, friends and supporters attended an anniversary dinner on September 25th at the Pines Manor in Edison, New Jersey.

Founded in 1999/2000, the Global Literacy Project is the unlikely success story of a group of friends who, concerned about the dearth of educational resources that students and adult learners face worldwide, decided that the responsibility to take action was one they couuld not shirk. (Read more about the start of GLP HERE>>)

Motivated to help, the group launched a book drive for one school, however, that one-time act of kindness transformed into the basis of inspiration for a global education movement. “It’s a momentous occasion for us when you consider that just ten years ago we began our work with a simple desire to upgrade just a couple of school libraries used by children in Africa and the Caribbean,” said GLP president, Olubayi Olubayi.

The Honorable Vince Henderson, Dominica Ambassador to the U.N. and former Minister of Education of the Commonwealth of Dominica, voiced his support for Global Literacy Project’s initiatives and described the need for books in his country:
“There are many [Dominica] citizens, young and old, who aspire to an education so that they can transform their lives and lead themselves out of the trap of poverty that coils around them.”

Messages were also viewed by video or read through letters from partners around the world. From the Human Rights Education Movement in India, to the Ministry of Education of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. Kennedy Machora, District Education Officer in Charge of Educational Quality Assurance and Standards in Western Kenya wrote to celebrate the past success of GLP and to remind the audience that he was in the midst of working once again with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students for the annual GLP reading and math competitions.

A very special guest for the evening was Reverend T. Zacharia Motaung of South Africa. Head of the Carroll Shaw Memorial Centre, Reverend Motaung is ending a term as head of the South African Baptist convention, a group made up of some 156 membership churches stretching across South Africa. As someone who has seen directly the work of GLP across Gauteng Province in South Africa, his message to GLP was very simple, “Keep doing what you are already doing! It is working. It is transforming lives!”

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