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2011 Caribbean Initiatives


Each of the locations below are in need of contributions of books as well as some financial contributions to refurbish library locations... (We estimate about $500.00 for each school library).


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

We intend to support twelve (12) kindergaten Literacy Centers and support twelve (primary school libraries)

"Dads-Reach-Out and Read" sessions (once a month), where invited Dads read to children 5-12 years old at the public library. In an effort to help the children develop the habit of reading and at the same time build their personal libraries, each child attending the day's session is presented with a free book.

Teacher Reference LibraryThe idea is for a library to cater to the professional development of SVG teachers.

Donate Now

(GOAL: $12,000.00)

Africa: "Culture of Reading" Campaign

Kenya (2011) Donate Now

Pan-African Mentoring and Learning Olympics (PAMLO)

Western Kenya, Teso: GOAL: $10,000.00

GLP Program Goals

South Africa (2011) Donate Now

Randfontein High Literacy Cluster (GOAL: $10,000.00)

Randfontein, Gauteng Province- TARGET DATE: May, 2011

Rehabilitation of a local high school science lab and the running of of a one week science camp. We're also installing four kindergarten rooms in Randfonteinschools., Project location is in northeastern South Africa, in Gauteng province, 20 km (12 mi) west of Johannesburg. Randfontein (2006 Municipality population 138,005 est. ) is an industrial town. Its economy centers on gold and uranium mining and textile manufacturing. Ores from local mines are also refined here, and the town serves as the processing center and market for the surrounding agricultural area.

REASON FOR NEED: Province-wide, 59.4% of residents have not completed high school, putting them at a severe disadvantage across the board from employment prospects to quality of life. Some 25.8% of the Gauteng population aged 15-65 is unemployed. Of the unemployed persons, 92.4% are Black African, 3.3% are Coloured, 0.8% are Indian/Asian, and 3.5% are White. Of the Ranfontein population 27.8% is unemployed with some 19.7% of the 15-65 population being illiterate.


Review of Some Past Projects

KENYA: TESO DISTRICT (Western Kenya)-(Project implementation in progress)

Matthew Wille of Flanders, New Jersey, and members of his synagogue (Temple Hatikvah) as his Bar Mitzvah project, collected enough books to create the first public library in Chamasiri along with a Community Learning Center.

Setting up Kakapel LibraryKENYA: Kakapel Community Learning Resource Center Library (Established Summer 2003)

GLP volunteers visited Teso District in Western Kenya during the summer of 2003 where they worked with members of the surrounding community to create a community library at Kakapel Community Learning Resource Center.

For more information contact Sivan Yosef (Project CLOSED)

Visiting JKUAT Library

KENYA: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Science Library (2002-2003)

Global Literacy Project science library established at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with the contribution of journals and reference texts sent in 2002.

For more information contact Sivan Yosef (Project CLOSED)

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