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Celebrate and Support Family Literacy!

National Family Literacy Day, celebrated across the U.S.A. on November 1st., focuses on special activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs. First held in 1994, the annual event is officially celebrated on November 1st, but many events are held throughout the month of November. Schools, libraries, and other literacy organizations participate through read-a-thons, celebrity appearances, book drives, and more.

Global Literacy Project, Inc. celebrates literacy by encouraging young and older persons to write a letter to a loved one!

"You've Got Mail"

Have children write a letter or send a postcard to a loved one.

It turns out that in the digital age one of the most precious things to receive is a handwritten letter from someone you love! GLP provides blank cards for individuals to write to someone they care about. A stamped return envelope is included in the letter to complete the circle.

Here are some more ideas to celebrate and support literacy from the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association...


National Center for Family Literacy logoKick off National Family Literacy Day by inviting parents, grandparents, and other family members to your classroom for a family-school reading day.

Invite students' family members to read a favorite story from their childhood, or their child's favorite bedtime story. (Grandparents can share both their child's and their grandchild's favorites!)

  • Provide a collection of books for families to share during a group reading session. Invite families to get comfortable by bringing a cushion, beanbag chair, or pillow.
  • Introduce families to some of the games¬†&¬†tools provided by ReadWriteThink. Encourage them to use these engaging tools at home to enhance their reading and writing experiences.
  • Provide each family with a certificate of participation or a bookmark at the end of the event. Ask a local bookstore for a donation, or print certificates and bookmarks from your computer.
  • At the close of your event, be sure to remind parents about other National Family Literacy Day events in your community.

Remember that family literacy is something that should be encouraged all year round. Invite students and their families to brainstorm ways they can keep their family engaged in reading on a regular basis!

In Canada, Family Literacy Day is on January 27th. Quebec's ministry of education (MELS) has developed a useful quiz... Learn how to nurture a love of reading at home with this parent literacy quiz.

Why not watch the video provided on this page (from for some nice ideas about how to encourage reading in your family.

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a non-profit organization that inspires Canadians to increase their literacy skills.

Also, here is another of their videos with some ideas from a parent's point of view...


Here are some more ideas from ABC Life Literacy Canada...

The Count: Have your child count out the change required to make a purchase. Reinforce the importance of math in everyday life.

Family Game Night: Set up a family board game night where a different game is played each week. Have each member of the family involved in reading instructions and game cards and keeping score.

Hi Ho the Merry-o: Engage in sing-along sessions with your children.

Karaoke Night: Rent a Karaoke machine and invite the neighbours over for a party. Not only is this activity fun, but it also encourages, reading, singing and family involvement.

Sous Chef: Following recipes is a great way to improve both reading and math skills. Ask your children to read the instructions out loud and help measure the ingredients when making a treat for the family.

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