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When There Are No Books...

Students attending many schools around the world have been faced with the challenge of learning and taking exams without any science equipment or books. Even in regions with an infrastructure of classrooms and teachers, students have to cope with utterly inadequate resources and training.

GLP targets under-resourced regions. In theory, every school should be provided by its national government with sufficient qualified teachers and suitable resources. In practice, throughout the developing world (and for historically disenfranchised groups in even well off areas), schools are given very limited resources and are highly understaffed.

Many schools, such as in the African and South Asia areas we serve, are forced to source out and pay for their own, often unqualified, teachers. They raise funds through community fundraising and by collecting school fees. If they fall short then they must go without resources completely.

What Many Students Face...

No Books
Throughout their primary and high school experiences students rarely have access to textbooks. On many occasions there may be only one textbook per classroom, used only by the teacher.

Absence of Science Equipment
In the areas we reach out to, students invariably have to sit national exams. Most are required to demonstrate some science capability yet students will probably have only watched a science experiment, yet they must then show mastery of science laboratory work in order to pass the national examinations.

Gender Inequalities
In such environments, and especially where resources are scarce for a family, there remains a strong preference towards educating boys. If a family can no longer afford to send all of its children to school, it will frequently be the girls of the family who are neglected.

Young Readers Initiative

An important goal for us is to get children access to books at the earliest possible age.

As such we are especially interested in creating a literacy-rich environment for younger children.

Reading with South African childPlease consider a special donation of the following types of books...

  • Books with brightly colored pictures and stories that capture a child's interests.

  • Picture books and stories with culturally diverse characters.

Encouraging and Nurturing Literacy

  • An integral part of our mission is the collection, sorting, shipping and distribution of books to children and community members in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Our goal: to encourage and nurture literacy as well as community capacity.
  • Books donated by publishers, schools, libraries, individuals and organizations are sorted and packed by volunteers who choose books that are age and subject appropriate.
  • In each destination country, GLP usually identifies a non-governmental partner organization to take responsibility for the selection, distribution and documentation of donated materials.
    • We prefer to work with work with local organizations, such as perhaps Lions and Rotary Clubs or other NGOs, to distribute books to libraries and schools.
  • A GLP member will usually make a site visit to verify locations and discuss implementation procedures for the Math/Science Initiatives and the Humanities Initiatives that accompany GLP donations.
  • GLP decides on an individual basis how shipments to a recipient will be paid for. Recipients are expected to assist with shipping costs. Specialized donations of libraries or large collections are sent in their entirety to one location.

Our Learning Partners:

The Pan-African Mentoring and Learning Organization (PAMLO)

The Caribbean Agency for Community Transformation and Support (CariACTS)

Fountain Baptist Church, New Jersey, USA

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Effecting Community Transformation and Support By Involving Local Community Members...


A key part of the success of GLP's initiatives are local volunteers who decide on final destinations in the receiving areas. We work with local people in order that our impact will be an endogenous, ongoing, sustainable one.

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